Our Policies

Safety is our primary concern. With that in mind, FunBounce reserves the right to cancel any reservation that, in the opinion of the Fun Bounce representative, it deems a danger or jeopardizes safety in any way.

Reservation Policy:
By submitting your order, you are agreeing to the cancellation fees as listed below

We charge a non refundable deposit of $50 after ordering.  Remaining balance due at or before time of delivery.  ***We have waived this requirement at this time but may bring back in the future.***

Canceling within 14 Days of your event (except within 24 hours of event due to rain) will result in a loss of 50% of total cost of rental.

Canceling within 7 Days of your event (except within 24 hours of event due to rain) will result in a loss of 100% of total cost of rental.

Canceling 24 to 48 hours prior to event due to rain will result in your deposit being refunded.

We don't like having to do this but equipment held on reservation for you means no one else can rent that equipment in turn costing the company money for non rental and the drivers don't get paid if they don't deliver making their livelyhood at risk as well.  We ask that you not reserve until you know that you will need the equipment.  We reserve the right to cancel any  rentals due to timing constraints, weather or unforeseen acts or events that would make us unable to deliver the equipment.

Payment and Pricing Policy:
All prices on the site are CASH prices (5% will be added to the total at the completion of the reservation if opting to pay by credit card.  Due to the credit card processing charges, this non cash fee is not refundable if you cancel for any reason.)  If you wish to pay by credit card, please pay the full amount when placing the reservation.  DO NOT PAY A PARTIAL AMOUNT AS A HOLD.  Payment in cash and company checks (sorry, personal checks are not accepted) will be due at the time of delivery.   Driver can decline delivery if payment is not available when he/she arrives..

We strive to offer you better quality, service and selection than the competition at rates that are comparable but we are not always going to have the lowest prices. We base our prices on our cost and what we feel is a value to our customer..  We pay for cleaners to make sure you get equipment you are not afraid to let your children play on, drivers who do the best they can to make it to every event on time even when vehicles break, traffic stops and whatever else they encounter.  We repair equipment so it isn't broken when we drop it off (yeah, not every company does that), WE HAVE WORKERS COMP INSURANCE ON OUR DRIVERS AND STAFF (this is very important because if you choose another company and the company does not have it, and that person gets hurt, you can be held liable.)  It's for you, our customer, that we go the extra mile. We can't promise nothing will ever go wrong (it can happen) but we do our best to make sure it won't be during your event.

We offer discounts of 10% off most of our products by using the code applicable to you.  You can see the codes on our  SPECIALS page.  Only 1 discount code is allowed per reservation.

Currently, we do not price match.   We know we have prices that are lower than others on some things and higher than others on other things.  We base this on what it costs us to put it out the door, maintain it, etc.  We don't know if the other companies do the same things to their products such as repair them, clean them, insure them.  One of the biggest things that people overlook is the insurance.  If the company doesn't provide workmans comp on their employees or contractors, and that person gets hurt on your property setting up or tearing down the equipment, you may be responsible for the medical costs and any other charges.  AGAIN, WE CARRY WORKMANS COMP INSURANCE ON OUR EMPLOYEES.  This cost to us is included in the prices we offer and is a huge item to consider if you are trying to save a few dollars by going with a different company because of it. 


Delivery Policy:
Reservations $85 or more (before discounts and excluding trailer mounted items) include local delivery, setup, and take down.  We have minimum requirements for delivery depending on your location.  If you are outside of our local delivery area, a delivery fee will be added to your reservation. Please note that this charge goes towards the drivers gas and time to get to your location.  Delivery fees will be shown on your reservation using your delivery zip code. 

All reservations require a $50 deposit if under $499 and Orders of $500 or higher will require a 50% deposit. This deposit is non refundable in accordance with the terms listed above. In the event of rain, you will be allowed to apply the credit towards a future event as long as it is requested within 1 year from the rained out date.   ***we have waived the $50 deposit for now.***Rental Time Policy:
Reservations prices are for the amount of hours as posted for each item.  Additional hours are usually available for an increased cost.  Items that do not have a set amount of time posted are for our "day" which contitutes 6 hour rental time.  Reservation times can be between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Reservations with ending times past 8 p.m will need to be cleared with the office and will incur an after hour fee of $25 for 9 p.m. $35 for 10 p.m. and $50 for 11 p.m. and $100 for 12 pm.  We charge this fee because we have to pay extra to keep employees available for your event.  Since late pickup times do not allow us to clean the equipment for next day events, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation or require an earlier ending time. Reservations that start or end after 5 p.m. on Fridays constitute a weekend rental and will be billed at weekend rates if items has separate weekday rates and weekend rates.

Park Policy:

Sorry, but we have decided not to service parks for private events during 2021.  We need our drivers to come back before we can accept private parties at parks due to the time restraints placed on us to work around your schedule.   If you are having a company event please call us to see if we can accomodate you.  


Surface Types:
It is always best that the unit be on grass or has the opening leading to the grass. We setup on Concrete, Blacktop, Grass and Carpet. Not recommended for loose dirt. NO SAND!!!!! Slides are not recommended for Concrete or Blacktop unless there are areas where the unit can be anchored.Weather Policy:
In the event of bad weather, you will be given the option to cancel within 24 hours of your event but no later than 7 a.m. the morning of the event (our load time). We prefer you call before 10 pm the night before your event if you need to cancel.  If you cancel prior to the driver loading your equipment, there is no cancellation charge. If you do not call or if you choose to have us come and we are unable to set up due to weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, mud, high winds) you will be charged 50% of the value of the reservation.  Once any equipment is setup there are no refunds, no exception!

Equipment will not be set up in the following conditions; rain, snow, high wind, muddy conditions, or temperatures below 40° F.

Cleaning Policy:
We do our best to ensure that you are getting the best and at a price that is affordable. Unlike some other companies that only brush off items or hose down the bounce, we have been hand washing ours inside and out since 1995. We know you are counting on us. We do not require you to clean the unit before our driver picks it up or on self pickups before you bring it back but please remove all trash, clothing, toys, etc. before then.  We will bill for excessive cleaning charges.

We have a 'NO STAIRS POLICY'. We try to accommodate all of our customers but please remember this is at the discretion of the driver. Inflatables range from 100 to 1000 pounds. Locations without stairs but still have a lower or upper field where you wish to setup the equipment falls under the same policy as those with stairs. Be sure to consider this prior to making your reservation since you are still responsible for the cancellation fees.

We do everything we can to make sure your event goes without any issues but there are situations that we cannot control.  Staff may not show up, trucks can break, equipment can break, traffic may delay us, or even things like your not ready when we get there or the reservation (s) before you may have delayed us, you didn't provide the requested amount of time we asked for and so on.  As you can see, things can happen.  If something unfortunately did happen, you agree that Funbounce.com is only liable for the amount of the equipment that you paid for and only on the item(s) that were defective.  A prorated scale for equipment that was setup and used will determine amount of any refund.

We reserve the right to cancel any reservation