To make a reservation, I recommend that you open another browser so you can refer to this page while following the steps below:

1)  On the Home Page (www.funbounce.com), Click the "Order By Date" Calendar where the arrow points to "Start Here"

2)  This will take you to a page showing a calender.  If the month is not the same as your event, click the arrow to the left or right of
      the month shown until you get to the month you wish to select..  Once there, select the date.

3)  A new page will show up asking for the times.  This is where you select the start time and end time of your event.  Not necessarily
     the same times as you want the equipment.  Click on the start time and drag it down to the end time.

4)  This will now bring you back to the home page but you will notice that the date you selected is now shown in the banner above
      the "Advertisement Inflatabes".  Only items available for the date of your event are going to be shown in each catagory.

5)  Click on the section that you wish to rent from (example, Combo Bouncers)

6)  Next to the picture of the item you are requesting, click the button labeled "Add to Cart"

7)  This will bring you to the order page.  Here you will see the item, select the Quanity of the items requested and see the pricing for
      your reservation.  You will also need to enter your event location city and zip code so we can determine if there is a travel fee.

8)  Now you have the option to choose "Continue Shopping" or "Checkout".  If there are more items that you need to order, choose
      the "Continue Shopping and follow the steps above.  You will not need to re-enter your city or zip code since it has already
      been entered.  If you are done with the products you need, select "Checkout" and fill out the "Customer Information" page.

9)  After filling out the information and submitting it, a new page will appear that will allow you to select the same location or a
      different location (such as a park, parents house, etc.)   There are check boxes that must be selected to continue.  They are
      marked with an *.  Once you have finished, click on the "update" button on the bottom of the page.

10)  Now you will have a final review of your reservation.  On this page you can select the method in which you wish to pay for the
        order.  If paying by credit card, you can pay the full amount at this time.  If not, just select the payment option you prefer (cash option
        or company check option) and the balance will be due at the time of delivery.  Sorry, we don't accept personal checks.

11}  If you have made an error, you can simply remove the item using the trashcan button to the right of the item in the shopping
        cart.  If you decide to change the event date, simply click on the calendar date shown and then scroll to the corrected date.  If
        you wish to start over, remove all items in your cart and then select the "reset order" button at the bottom.

12)  We will review your reservation and contact you if there are any questions or if anything is incorrect in the system.  Please
        keep in mind this is a new website for us and not all the kinks may be worked out.  We appreciate your understanding.