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Mechanical Bull Ride

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$600 For the first 2 hours     $150 each additiona hour

(If you entered the times of your event already, the price shown will be for the full event.)
(You can select the time you want this equipment during the event when you "book" and the corrected price will be displayed.)

Whether you are a seasoned pro, or just keen for a thrill you can experience the thrill of an eight second ride without the FLIES, DUST and DANGER.

All ages from 3 – 70 years regardless of their ability can now enjoy the thrill of BULL riding.

Pricing: $600 for 2 hours. Each additional hour is $150.

$1.25 per mile (round trip) transportation fee will be charged.

We can additionally insure you and / or your company at your request (additional fee applies.)

Level ground and a 21' x 21' footprint is required. Also, 220 volt ac or 120 volt ac with a minimum of 20 amp service is required within 50' of the control panel.

This bull has real hide!

If location does not have a power source within 50 feet of the back of the unit, you will need to add a 5500 watt or higher generator

This equipment is owned by another company and is not part of our inventory.  Due to new insurance regulations, we can no longer rent this piece to you but to make it easier for you, you can add this to your cart and we will have them contact you.  Once you reserve with them, we will remove this from our cart and send you a revised invoice.  You will NOT be renting this piece from our company, we are only helping you by saving you researching or making a lot of phone call.  Sorry for the inconvenience.