Swing Carnival Ride for Rent in San Diego
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Kiddie Swing Ride

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$599 for up to 3 hours   $100 for each additional hour

A $1 per mile ($25 minimum) travel fee applies to this item and will be refleced on the updated invoice after we process the mileage.

10 Children can ride at a time.  The seats swing in a Clockwise rotation.

Kiddie Swing Amusement Ride Size Restrictions
• 36" To Ride
• 100 pounds maximum per rider

Kiddie Swing Amusement Ride Footprint
• 30' Circle

Price includes 1 attendant and power (7000 watt generator) for up to 3 hours.  For locations requiring a quiet generator, we recommend renting the 25k generator that can power many items without the noise of portable generators.

If your having a large event and are on a limited budget, call us for information on our equipment rental / commission options.