Rock Wall Rentals for Events, Festivals, Carnivals and Parties
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25 Foot High Rock Wall

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$550.00 2 Hour Rental
$825.00 3 Hour Rental
$1,000.00 4 Hour Rental
$1,250.00 5 Hour Rental
$1,500.00 6 Hour Rental
$1,800.00 8 Hour Rental
$225.00 Per Hour Thereafter

If you have a large crowd but don’t have room for much equipment, this is the one to get. Depending on the unit, 3, 4 or 5 people can climb at a time.  This wall accomodates users from 40 pounds to 200 pounds.

We will require a trailer accessible event site with level ground and no overhead obstructions please.  We will need room for the truck to tow/maneuver the rock wall trailer into position.  Please call us with any questions regarding event site accessibility limitations.  We
include one staff member with the rental and request a couple volunteers to assist at the busier large events.  If you don't have any volunteers, no problem.  We can provide additional staffing for $20 per hour.

35 feet Deep x 15 feet Wide x 28 Feet High

A $1.25 per mile (per vehicle) round trip delivery charge applies to this item

If your having a large event and are on a limited budget, call us for information on our equipment rental / commission options.

This is a non owned company piece where we work with the owner to offer this product to you.  We will confirm availability and finalize your reservation after doing so.